After Your Colon Cleanse

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Side effects of colon cleansing may include temporary weakness, fatigue, and muscle aches, bloating, acne, and bad breath.

Occasionally, it could cause diarrhea for some time.

Rest and relax after a colon cleanse. It helps you overcome all side effects.

Eat light foods like broths and stews. Refrain from eating heavy foods, as it increases pressure on your colon and could lead to digestive problems. Drink the amount of water recommended by your doctor and specialist during and after a colon cleanse. This may help you overcome headaches and tiredness.

Check whether your doctor recommends that you take Vitamin C supplements. Some people claim that it may boost your immune system and that Vitamin C is easily absorbed into your body. A better way to get the necessary amount and type of Vitamin C or any other additive is when it is part of the food which you normally consume rather than as a supplement which may contain ingredients that just add to the waste your colon needs to remove.

If your doctor approves, you might follow up a colon cleanse with a detox bath and a few simple exercises. This is claimed by some to help remove toxins through your skin.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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