Equipment for an Enema

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Enema bag or can
If you are self-administering an enema, you might use a hot water bottle or fountain syringe to help you manage the bag easily after it is filled. If somebody else administers an enema on you, they might use a stainless steel irrigation can. Although this is expensive equipment, it may prove easier to set up and clean. Frequent travelers might make use of a folding enema bag travel kit or disposable enema bag units as are available in hospitals. The different equipment for enemas are available at pharmacies and online drugstores.

Davol colon tube
This flexible red rubber tube attaches to the hard plastic enema tip. This is claimed to be a safe and comfortable attachment. The tubes are available in various sizes denoted by numbers which denote the inner diameter of the tube. Hence, higher numbers can allow more solution to pass at any given time. Normally, Fr. #26 to Fr. #30 is considered the size which might be used for an average adult. These tubes are available from medical supply stores.

Castile enema soap
This is mild cleansing enema soap. It is claimed to be able to bring relief in some cases of stubborn constipation. It is available in a liquid form in a box of fifty single-use packets. It is inexpensive and easily available across various surgical supply stores.

K-Y Jelly, Vaseline or Cold cream
This is a lubricant useful for easy and comfortable insertion of the rectal tube. Where to hang the enema bag You can place a hook or a nail to suspend the bag from the wall. Use a strong cord to hang the bag around eighteen inches above your rectum while you lie on your side. If you want to use an enema in the bathtub, loop a string over the shower pole or use of an ‘S’ hook to suspend the bag.

Pad or heavy bath towel
Place this beneath the buttocks to absorb any leakage. Placing it in the tub can be more comfortable than laying in direct contact with the cold surface of the tub.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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