Maintaining Regular Bowel Functions

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Although colon cleansers may be good for some people by helping them to maintain proper bowel health, the most important factor is understanding and looking after your body’s systems. Eating enough high fiber vegetables can encourage proper and easy bowel movements.

Squatting Position
This is considered important by some people but is not endorsed by all researchers or doctors.

Conventional toilets offer a squatting position. This is claimed by some people to cause some waste to accumulate in the lower regions of the colon before getting excreted.

They suggest that keeping both feet on the rim of the toilet can offer smooth bowel movements through the squatting position. Those who support the theory believe that because the squatting position causes your head to be in a forward position, this helps to straighten your colon and make excretion of fecal matter easier and more complete. They also suggest that this may also help people with hemorrhoids. Their view is that this position allows fecal matter to fall off easily, so there is no strain or pressure on the veins.

Their view is that sitting on a toilet seat may cause the colon to be curved at the end during excretion which may prevents complete clearing of the colon and causes some fecal matter to be left behind in the colon.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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