Friday, October 20, 2017

There are many faces and iterations, forms and processed to DETOXIFICATION

Some, any or all of the following might be at play and considered, at work and even
interacting, complementing and supporting the overall process, outcome, success and
results, level of efficiency :

 improving the body’s overall abilities to handle toxic substances and harmful elements

 applying to BOTH elements from within and without metabolic and/or environmental,

 strengthen immune and other internal organs and system

 protecting the body and health

 Avoiding toxins

 Mastering on-going and improved detoxification processes

 improving and/or protecting healing, health and well-being

 Totally avoiding all harmful or potential allergens or toxins might not be realistic or even possible, healthy or feasible and should NOT become and obsession of sorts

 Healthy eating, balanced living and good nutrition, supplementing, activity and exercise are all part of this recipe and equation for success As we continue to learn about refining and improving efficient detoxification mechanisms, we make it a priority to holistically and deliberately work on our health and well-being, NOT JUST FOCUS ON TOXINS AND GETTING RID OF THEM.

 Individualized supplementation, diet and choice also matter

 Optimal and peak performance will have different meanings for different people and NO TWO DETOX processes and procedures will be the same for any individual!

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Detoxification efforts

There are also many other things you can change/alter, adjust or avoid in your life and
lifestyle, choices and habits:
 Chlorinated water – use less

 Eating too quickly, on the run, poor digestion of food from various causes and/or poor elimination of waste products, being irregular not advisable.

 Exposure to different forms of radiation (i.e., x-rays, electromagnetic and more) should be cut down to the minimum

 Over-stressed, taking too much steroids and NSAIDS can kills off healthy bacteria in the body

 Over-use of antibiotics lessening your natural responses and resilience

 Unhealthy diet, not enough fiber and liquid (water) in your diet, gas and indigestion, types of food you eat should be changed to be more healthy, varied, natural and balanced, from all food groups to ensure optimal health and wellbeing.

There are many places in and throughout the body where you can focus your detoxification efforts and attention. Here are just some of them:
 Gastrointestinal - liver, gallbladder, colon, and the entire GI tract

 Lymphatic - lymph channels and lymph nodes

 Respiratory - lungs, bronchial tubes, throat, sinuses, and nose

 Skin and dermal- sweat and sebaceous glands and tears

 Urinary - kidneys, bladder, and urethra

The following diets, nutritional and eating plans can be classified and described as potential detoxifying-friendly diets.
 Diuretic Diet - Using natural diuretics to alleviate fluid retention.

 Fat Flush Diet - Popular 3 phase diet plan

 Lemonade Diet - The Master Cleanser Diet

 Liquid Diets - Liquid or Juice-only diets, short-term detox programs and initiatives

 Liver Cleansing Diet - focused in on liver function, health and disease

 Raw Food Diet - A generic diet advocating consumption of raw, uncooked food only.

When you do decide to DETOX, ask yourself the following questions:
 Age-group
 Medical condition
 Reason for detox
 Method to follow
 Activity and fitness level
 Weight
 Any diseases, illnesses or immune disorders
 Nursing or pregnant

Answers to these initial questions will help you BETTER assess the most appropriate level of detoxification that might work its magic for you.

Fasting, moderate, blitz, improving digestion and cleansing, flushing of one, more or all of your system(s) and body of harmful toxin build-up, all the way up to supervised clinical detox.

Taking control of your environment both inside and out and outside in, will help you better live, healthier, longer, more in-balance and toxin-free! Improving your well-being and even potentially your longevity and quality of life. DETOX can make a difference if done right.

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


 Collaborate with an expert! DO NOT GO THE JOURNEY ALONE. Educate and empower yourself with knowledge, skill, know how and how to’s to detox successfully. Have a plan of action and prepare your body for what lies ahead.

 You can even try and select a holistic healing practitioner or wellness partner who is experienced with detoxification techniques

 Review and evaluate your reasons, rationale, need and timing for your detox and cleansing processes.

 Be realistic in your expectations about detox and do not expect instant miracle cures!

 Pick the technique of detox that works best for you and your situation. Just because it works for someone else, does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. There are no guarantees.

 Schedule time for your detox and be aware of the symptoms that you might develop and things to do during this time, what to do in case of discomfort or feeling lousy!

 Make sure you have support throughout the process

 Allow yourself some rest and relaxation in-between and after a detox or purge.

 Sustain your results over time, strengthen your body and live well! Those are the real outcomes and measures of success for DETOX with a difference.

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

To optimize your chances at successfully DETOXIFYING YOUR BODY

 Plan and prepare well

 Spend some time, attention and effort on getting the Food and Nutrition aspect of your diet, habit and life ready, real and HEALTHY!

 Focus on your overall well-being, doing the DETOX for the right reasons, Enhancing, enjoying and ensuring your quality of life, taking issues with nurturing yourself regularly as a top priority! (we normally take it for granted or do not pay any attention to it at all – find some middle ground!)

 Accept yourself and your body, loving what you see and making the most of what nature has given, has to offer and will continue to provide you, tapping into those reserves and bio-chemical strengths that you have, your body’s natural ability to heal itself for example is under-rated and under-estimated!

 In your life, environment, products, purchases, personal and body care products, foods, home and work life and environments, pay some closer attention to and considering MORE the presence and avoidance of toxic substances. Focus on your overall health and well-being as well, exercise, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, supplementing, natural foods, balanced diet, activity you enjoy, maybe even some yoga and/or breathing exercises to keep you on the fast and inside track to continued DETOX success!

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

Monday, October 16, 2017

Here are some other negative effects DETOX can spare you and protect you from:

 granulomas

 hyper secretion of mucus

 imbalance in bacteria and fungus

 microscopic ulcerations

 pH imbalances

 liver and kidney difficulty, malfunction, breakdown or failure and many other health related issues and problems, even disease, putting you at increased risk over time.

You can opt for a systematic, gradual removal of toxic substances from the body and intervention will be necessary to effectively RID YOUR BODY OF THESE TOXINS FOR GOOD! It cannot just be left up to random change. You cannot, should not and dare not gamble with your health – you just get one edition of that!

There are numerous studies on detox that proves that it gives your body and your health a fighting chance, boost and even enables healing and recovery BETTER!

BUT, how would you know which DETOX is BEST FOR YOU, when and where to do it?

The answer is probably as unique as individuals and their case! Yet, here are some general guidelines that might put you on the right track finding a solution for you:

 Practically work out what you need and want to achieve

 Consult your doctor, detox-specialist, identify and discuss your need, plan and select a detox routine, process, technique and regimen that works and will make a difference for you

 Ensure that you are healthy, not nursing, pregnant, extremely tired and do not have to function full-tilt and can afford to give your body some time to get back to its natural balanced state, get rid of the toxins as the processes involved might have some ‘side-effects’ considered natural and part of the normal process!

 Whom you are, where you are in your life, schedule, career, personal life and more might affect your preparation, detox process and follow-up. Choose some detox method that you know will bring about change and results

 Naturopaths and holistic healers, medical and well-being practitioners will all be able to assist you in this process – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE JOURNEY ALONE.

 Cleansing, cleaning and clearing, flushing and DETOX takes planning, timing, persistence and discipline.

 If at any time during, or even after your DETOX you experience difficulty or discomfort, stop and consult your physician immediately. Each area of your body will require special attention as well as your whole health, which is reflective of you being so much more dynamic than the mere sum of your difference parts. There are different cleanses and routines recommended for different parts of your body like skin, liver, lymph, nervous system, heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, bladder and other.

 You can choose one general one or take them one at a time to ensure success and results that address the concerns and issues that you might have effectively, affordably and reliably.

 Resting and allowing your body, mind and soul to reload, replenish, restore is essential too! Also, have periods of non-cleansing, just enjoying life and not necessarily undoing all the good you did, but not obsessively purge, flush etc. making your whole life center and surround it! It is unnatural, unhealthy and not necessary to maintain a healthy living balanced life.

Different people might have different sensitivities and responses to DETOX. Here are some of the symptoms, discomforts and/or things to be on the look out for as you move through these detoxification and cleansing routines:
 Dry mouth
 Emotional irritability
 Fatigue
 Fever
 Gas
 Headaches
 Loss of appetite
 Low energy
 No interest in sexual relations or intimacy
 other aches and pains
 Skin eruptions
 Temporary constipation or diarrhea
 Temporary stopping of menstruation or missed periods
 Tight muscles
 Yawning

Some would recommend you start with something simple like a colonic cleanse or enema, getting the liver to work better and dump all the toxins in your body OUT, FOR ONCE! Activated charcoal can clear the GI tract with varying degrees of efficiency for individuals as it binds and absorbs the harmful elements and your body excretes and gets rid of it. Powder, capsules or tablets are available for this purpose. Bentonite clay, hydration and supplements, comprehensive foods additions to your diet are great ways to accomplish lots in a short period.

You will see short-term results, but rest assured the work continues from the inside out long after these initial detox days have passed. You will reap the benefit for days, weeks and years to come, if done right and effectively, for the right reasons!

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Here are some general tips for diet, weight loss and eating healthier, detox- follow-up and nutritional advice:

 Healthy (not fast), safe weight loss that you can sustain is best.

 Try and work for a holistic approach advocating an all-round healthy balanced diet.

 Include all food-groups

 Hydrate – drinks lot of water

 Keep the portions small and more meals more frequently to get and keep your metabolism engine revving!

 Pick foods that you already like to eat will increase your chance of sticking with the plan and staying motivated.

Much can be said about cleansing routines, flushing techniques and DETOX. When you do opt to use these detoxification techniques and processes you can be well on your way to a holistic healing and well-being solution and action plan for yourself that can make all the difference. You will feel better, refreshed and in-balance. If done right, it can be extremely effective.

If for whatever reason medications, diet, exercise, yoga, and everything else you have tried your hand at was disappointing, yielding no results, even failed, then clean, clear and cleansing techniques and processes like these discussed here might work for you. You can even strengthen your immunity in the process. You can keep your arteries and heart healthy

You can keep unnatural chemicals, additives and irritants out of your body by choice organic toxins and inorganic chemicals can be banned from your skin, tissues, bloodstream and organs through purging the system of them, trace elements, build-up and toxicity that might actually be making you really ill, causing diseases that you are not even aware of yet

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health


• Chamomile: Results have confirmed that the chamomile extract has reversal effects on the levels of paracetamol hepatotoxicity, and the authors concluded that the extract served as a hepatoprotective agent and that this hepatoprotective activity of chamomile might be due to the normalization of impaired membrane function activity.

• Milk thistle: The seeds are well known for liver protection properties. Milk Thistle helps repair of
damaged liver tissue and aids liver detoxification. A well known hepatic antioxidant, silymarin, from the milk thistle (Silybum marianum), inhibits liver damage by scavenging free radicals among other mechanisms. This powerful antioxidant protects the liver against alcohol and pharmaceutical injury and even poisoning from extremely toxic compounds. 

Milk Thistle is one of the most investigated plant extracts, with known mechanisms of action for oral treatment of toxic liver damage. Silymarin has been used as a protective treatment in acute and chronicliver diseases. 

It also acts by stimulating liver cell regeneration and cell membrane stabilization to prevent hepatotoxic agents from entering hepatocytes.

• Golden seal: The root contains substances that protect the liver, aid liver function and are antimicrobial. Another great liver stimulant and protector. One study demonstrated that berberine (from golden seal) possesses hepatoprotective effects against liver toxicity and that the effects are both preventive and curative. Berberine should have potential for developing a new drug to treat liver toxicity.

Results of another study show that Golden seal reduces acetominaphen (paracetemol) toxicity, and related acute liver failure.

• Dandelion: The leaf and root gently support liver, gall bladder and kidney function. Results of one study suggest that the extract of Dandelion root has protective action against alcohol-induced toxicity in the liver by elevating antioxidative potentials and decreasing lipid peroxidation.

• Wormwood: bitter properties in the leaf stimulate liver secretions and kill parasites. It is long known that the bitter constituents stimulate the gustatory nerves in the mouth and increase the secretion of gastric juice and bile, thereby promoting appetite and digestion.

• Turkish Rhubarb: Moderate doses stimulate a sluggish liver and bowel helping your liver to detoxify it’s own cells as well as the blood passing through it. There is some evidence of the protective potential of this herb against liver injury due to multiple causes.  In another study Turkish Rhubarb targeted liver metabolic and immune pathways and may be beneicial for complex metabolic diseases such fatty liver disease.

• Kiwifruit: As an antioxidant it protects the liver and has been shown to inhibit certain cancers. Use only organic kiwifruit to completely avoid the heavy sprays normally used. Data reported in one study suggested a beneicial effect of kiwi fruit peptides on the physiology of human intestine.

• Barley grass: A good source of superoxide dismutase (SOD) a group of enzymes important to a healthy liver. SOD aids in Phase 2 liver detoxi ication. Barley grass supplementation sustains liver anti-oxidative enzymes, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase, at transcriptional and enzymatic levels, thus suppressing oxidative stress markers. 

• Spirulina: Liver examinations have revealed that Spirulina is potent in protecting the liver from toxic lesions and preserved the liver cell (hepatocyte) structure. Lesions including necrosis, lymphocyte in iltration, ballooning degeneration, and hepatocyte injury, as well as irregular lamellar organization, dilation of the endoplasmic reticula, and the presence of great numbers of cytoplasmic vacuolizations, were reversed by Spirulina. In other words, Spirulina heals the liver.

Source of Information : How to Detox your Liver Naturally

Saturday, October 14, 2017

There are many things we take in from our environment that can be harmful , not so good, even toxic to us. We try our BEST to avoid them at all times

· Very few of us are aware or conscious of some of the things that surround us, we use, wear, are in our home and in the places we frequent, that can put us at risk
– this includes the foods we eat, the supplements we take, what we drink etc.

· There are different methods, levels and intensity, durations and processes for/of detoxifying

· Supplements, the right foods, exercise can all help you optimize DETOX There are many diet and nutritional plans that may actually help you with your detox, before or after. They help you stick to whatever your action plan is and make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to optimize and maximize the benefits that you get from detoxification (DETOX).

Mediterranean diet
 ENJOY all and everything in moderation, including butter and pasta
 base principle is keep it simple using basic ingredients, like tomatoes and olive oil
 easy to plan menus and prepare the dishes – fitting even the busiest of lifestyles
 eating more of some foods, less of others
 low carb
 low-fat
 moderate consumption of alcohol and even cooking with wine is allowed and encouraged for optimal health and longevity
 recipes and culinary delights abound
 reduces high cholesterol levels effectively
 some call it the heart-healthy diet

The South Beach Diet
 Gaining fast in popularity combined with detox plans or following right after
 It also includes lots of daily servings of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, nuts and healthy oils
 It builds a lifestyle that you can sustain and keep healthy throughout your life
 It is about making better choices about food
 It is different from the Atkins diet
 Not really low-carb or low-fat
 Rapid weight loss in the first two weeks is quite commonplace
 Starving yourself will actually have you gaining weight
 When losing weight and staying heart healthy matters, this is the plan for you
 You are not necessarily depriving yourself of foods you love, just eating differently and less, reintroducing the right foods back into your diet as you go along and getting rid of the bad habits along the way!

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health