The Basics of Planning a Veggie Garden

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When’s the best time to start vegetable gardening? Right now! Here are the basics on how to decide where to grow yours:

✓ Find a spot close to the house that you walk by daily so you don’t forget about your project.

✓ Find a spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun a day.

✓ Find a spot that has great soil.

Keep your new garden small. You can be just as productive in a small raised bed garden, container, or small kitchen garden as you would be if you tilled your whole backyard. Start small, be successful, and then get bigger (if you want).

What should you put in your new garden? Well, you have many vegetable options when it comes to deciding what you can grow, so it’s going to be tough deciding which ones to plant. The most important rule I can tell you is to grow what you like to eat. Yes, folks, this is all about taste. So no matter what people say about how easy beans are to grow, don’t grow them if you hate to eat them. (Of course, after tasting fresh green beans from the garden, you may change your tune.) Grow a mix of varieties of favorite vegetables that you and your family will love. Also, try a few different ones to stretch your imagination.

Source of Information : vegetable gardening for dummies

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