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Different Methods of Colon Cleansing

There are several methods of colon cleansing, each operating with different techniques.

Colon Hydrotherapy
This method involves infusion of warm and filtered water through the anus with the help of disposable plastic tubing. Only certified and licensed professionals can do colon hydrotherapy. The equipment should be F.D.A. approved to ensure totally sanitary conditions.

Unlike an enema, this method can clean your large colon. The professional will gently infuse water through the rectum into the colon to avoid any discomfort to you. Colon hydrotherapy is the same as a colonic irrigation or colenema. You might be able to combine this technique with an oxygen-based cleanser to get rid of almost all body toxins over a period of time. In some areas, home-use systems for colon therapy are available, but they should only ever be used after inspection and under the supervision and instruction of a certified professional as an adjunct to professional hydrotherapy.
The potential risk is too great to take chances in the hope of saving a few dollars or for any other reason.

This is a very common technique for relieving persistent constipation problems. The enema solution is inserted into the rectum through the anus to clear the bowel. This solution stimulates you to excrete and often works fast. However, you will probably find that it does not clear your colon thoroughly, although it gets rid of some feces and, probably some toxins. It loosens fecal matter only in the lower part of the colon. Overall, an enema may provide relief in acute constipation cases, depending
on the underlying reasons for the constipation and any other associated conditions. But, don’t expect this to be a long-term cure. The insertion of the enema may be uncomfortable and must be done carefully and correctly.

That’s why I recommend consulting your doctor for a recommendation to a qualified professional. Then, later on, you should ask your doctor if he or she believes that you should have another enema and if he thinks that you could do it yourself safely and correctly. If you look on the Internet or read advertisements elsewhere, you will see many offers of home-use kits, with varying claims and suggestions for enema solutions.

Some of them may not be suitable for you – some could even be dangerous, so get professional advice. The first time you use an enema, you might experience cramps due to the removal of hard waste from your colon.

These are oral medications and work similar to enemas to help solve simple constipation problems. But, they only partially clean the colon. The best you can expect is for a laxative to soften hard stool and stimulate bowel activity.

Some of these preparations cause contraction of intestinal muscles encouraging bowel movements and easing of the constipation. Laxatives are only ever suitable for occasional constipation problems. They do not usually bring relief in chronic conditions. Laxatives may also cause dehydration, intestinal cramping and discomfort. Do not use frequently or over a sustained period of time.

Oxygen-Based Colon Cleansing
This is claimed by some people to be one of the most effective methods of colon cleansing. They use capsules which contain activated oxygen and are taken orally to help remove impacted fecal matter. The promoters claim that this method may not cause any significant dehydration or discomfort. They further claim that the medications may be useful for both short-term and long-term constipation problems.

Herbal Colon Cleansers
These cleansers contain psyllium, a herb which is claimed to be effective at reducing constipation. Psyllium in herbal remedies is claimed to increase the volume of your stools. They say that this causes the colon to contract and aids in easier excretion in some people. These colon cleansers are not expensive but professional advice before considering obtaining and using any of them is possibly your best form of insurance.

These may prove effective in the short-term and only for temporary relief, but they probably cannot clear the colon thoroughly. There is every chance that constipation will recur at some other time unless you adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle or make other changes recommended by your doctor.

Detoxification Diets
These diets are claimed to help clean your entire digestive system of some levels of toxins.
There are many different types of detox diets. They may involve drinking only water and eating a limited range of foods. But, limiting the types of food you eat may mean that you don’t get some essential nutrients or too much of another one. You should start on such diets only after consulting your doctor.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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