Sunday, February 19, 2017

Health Benefits Claimed for Colon Cleansing

The different health benefits that are claimed for colon cleansing include reducing the occurrence and severity of constipation and removing some or all accumulated waste which may not be eliminated if your natural body processes are sub-par.

Colon cleansing is also claimed to reduce other negative effects from any accumulated toxins within your body that do not allow your colon to function

Constipation may be due to:
• consumption of processed foods including foods made with refined flour
• eating a lot of meat and meat products, fatty foods and animal protein.

Excess consumption of proteins may not be good for your body. It may lead to over-acidity. Excessive acid content in the body might affect the proper functioning of your colon by disrupting the electrolyte balance in your body and depleting the level of necessary minerals in your body. This may make your colon less effective at dealing with harmful bacteria and other toxic substances.

Effects of Pollution
Modern day life exposes you to all kinds of pollution. Harmful pathogens and lethal chemicals surround you. Pesticides, cleaning chemicals, and polluted air may have a negative effect on your body’s immune system. This might disrupt the normal functioning of your body.

Any compromise on your immune system can expose you to various sicknesses. Some people claim that a colon cleanse might help to reduce some of your problems. If you have a poorly performing colon, you may be unable to absorb sufficient nutrition which could cause you to become less healthy. Cleansing the colon, so that it can work to the best of its ability, may help to improve your general well-being.

Our modern lifestyle often encourages many people to consume more frequent and higher amounts of caffeine and alcohol. Many people also take more prescription and over-the-counter medications. Poor physical health may affect your mental health so that you remain depressed and feel emotionally low.

A colon cleanse is claimed to sometimes be able to relieve you of some of your physical problems and mental tensions to some extent because a healthy colon may help you think and work with less discomfort and worry. Eating unhealthy foods may cause a build-up of layers of undigested and unabsorbed matter on the walls of your colon. There may be some mucous formation.

All this may cause more strain on your colon to the point where it is unable to excrete all of the unwanted matter efficiently. Then, waste materials may stick to the inner walls of the colon. Over time, these might turn toxic and encourage disease to develop.

If you have a family history of colon cancer and, provided that you get approval for your doctor, you might consider regular cleansing of your colon - maybe once a year - to help your colon to continue to function smoothly. Poor colon health may contribute to the occurrence of some negative effects on your general health like fatigue, lack of essential nutritional balance in the body, poor skin quality, acne formation, poor concentration levels and a tendency to feel tired more often.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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