Mind, Spirit and Body and Chinese Medicine

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The idea of connectedness between the universe and the system of a human is at the basis of philosophies for Chinese medicine. If you have ever heard of the basics for any type of Oriental practice, you are also familiar with the idea of the connection between the physical, mental and
spiritual ideas. If you want to learn how these can work together holistically and for your health, you don’t have to look any further than Chinese medicine.

The idea of connecting all of the elements in your body for optimum health is known as Shen. This comes from the idea that all of the elements in the universe are interconnected and related to one’s body. When taking the ideas of the elements of the universe and incorporating them into how a human is interconnected. The first point of focus in order to connect Shen is the one that is related to waking consciousness. According to the Shen philosophy, this consciousness is in the heart. Everything that is related to heart health, under this method, is also linked with the consciousness needing to wake up.

The next part of Shen is the spirit. According to this science, the spirit is located in the liver. In Chinese, this is referred to as the Ethereal Spirit. The next Shen is the soul of the body, also known as the corporeal soul.

This resides in the lungs of one’s body. Intellect, or Yi is in the spleen and Will, meaning the urge to do something is in the Kidney. The idea of this particular system is to combine the elements of the physical with the elements of the mind and the spirit. By doing this, one
is able to find the physical elements and work on two approaches to healing a person through physical and spiritual at the same time. Combining the mind, spirit and body together is the basis of all Chinese medicine and philosophy. By learning to combine these, one is able to find the best approaches to healing a person in a holistic method. Using Shen, the concept of elements of the universe, and seeing how they relate as a system to the body, allows one to find a way to become unified within themselves.

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