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Signs of Normal Bowels and Colon

Normally, people with healthy bowels should have one or two well-formed and complete bowel movements every twenty-four hours. The early morning bowel movement is often substantial. The second bowel movement during the course of the day might just be half as much as the morning bowel

The most important fact is that movement of your bowels should be effortless. You should not strain or hold your breath to allow bowel movements.

Further, you should excrete within seconds of sitting on the toilet seat. If you need time to push out the bowels or get sufficient time to read a magazine during bowel movements, you may be constipated. Small and narrow stools may also indicate some level of constipation. There should not be any mucous, half-digested food particles or blood in your movements.

Importance of Natural Bowel Movements
Improper, or troublesome bowel movements may indicate your diet is notproviding all the nutritional benefits which you need. This sort of diet may cause fecal matter that sticks on the walls of the colon
or remains in parts of the colon. This can lead to constipation. A normal bowel movement usually takes place within eighteen to twenty-four hours of eating your food.

However, if you suffer from constipation, your colon may not become sufficiently clean and some fecal materials might remain in your colon for many days. These materials may form deposits on the colon walls and, sometimes, these deposits might create serious irritation which could lead to a spastic or inflamed colon.

This condition reduces or prevents the usual absorption of nutrients within the colon walls. Deposited feces decay and transform into toxic gases that may pollute your blood and infect parts of your body.
These developments may lead to serious problems of the liver. If parts of the body become toxic, your body’s cells may not receive enough essential nutrients from the blood when the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells becomes plugged-up with waste.

Apart from the negative physical effects, this may also lead to mental depression and the complications that could arise due to the depression. It may become a vicious circle.
Constipation also occurs when:
• there is insufficient water intake
• delaying the urge to pass bowel movements for long periods, or
• insufficient physical exercise.

These factors may cause your stools to harden and be more difficult to pass.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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