Thursday, February 23, 2017

Studying the Internal Stars: The Use of Energy in Your Body

If you have ever heard of ideas from physical fitness or Yoga, then you are familiar with the idea of using the energy in your body properly. In Chinese Medicine, the energy that you have is something that is much deeper than a physical fitness. The idea if Qi (Chee), is an energy force that is often referred to in order to stay healthy.

The idea of Qi begins with elements that are in the use universe that make up energy. This same Qi that is in the universe is, by Chinese medicine philosophy, also in ever living being. The Qi that is being referred to is something that Chinese philosophy considers to be in everypart of every thing. It can’t be destroyed, only changed.

One way to explain the way that Qi functions in Chinese philosophy is through the element of water. Under certain conditions, water will changeinto ice or evaporate. Even though it is changing form or place, it stillfunctions as the same type of energy in the other form.

Through the idea of energy being in everyone’s being, and changing asthe person needs, is the relation to how this can be used for medicine. Allof the Qi that is moving through the body has currents that the energy flows through, much like the circulation system. The Chinese medicine system states that there are fourteen major points where the Qi flows through a person. All of these points will have Yin and Yang access to them and are used in practices such as acupuncture.

As the system of Qi flows through someone, it also functions within the body to specific things. When all of your Qi is flowing properly then you are considered healthy. Not only does your Qi track your energy, it also makes sure that the different systems that are functioning transform the different parts of the body so they are balanced. For example, some types of Qi will take nutrients to the muscles. It is also known to keep parts of the body protected from the wrong types of food, while other areas of the body contain the elements that are needed.

The idea of Qi is to keep the energy of the body functioning in the proper way. When one is in complete health, they are known to have reached Upright Qi. By keeping everything flowing in the right manner, and paying attention to how the body is changing, there will be the ability to continue to hold the energy of the universe in one’s body.

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