Choosing the Right Colon Cleansing Products for You

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There are various colon-cleansing products. Consult your doctor about which products might be okay for you. Deal only with reputable companies which abide by all rules and regulations applicable in your country and state.

Reviews and customer testimonials may be biased or even inaccurate. Always check the expiry date of any colon cleanser before use. Choices for assisting with colon cleansing may include:

Herbal Products
Herbal products are claimed to be usually fairly gentle. Claims are made for products that contain such herbs as basil leaves, coriander leaves and even mint leaves, but always consult your doctor before even thinking about purchasing or using any colon cleansing products. Herbal products may be too strong for you, especially at first.

This is a natural product extracted from psyllium seed husks. Psyllium is a water-soluble fiber and forms a thick mucilage if mixed with water. This mucilage is claimed to help push out waste from your colon. You can take daily doses of psyllium for a natural cleanse. However, it is best to take sufficient water with psyllium to get the best consistency. Always follow directions carefully.

Replacing vitamins, minerals and nutrients
Colon cleansers may clear your colon of some essential nutrients and vitamins. Some people claim that taking regular vitamin and nutrient supplements may help to restore the levels of some nutrients that your body needs. But the various mixtures that are sold have different levels of the various substances and most nutrients are better absorbed when part of your regular diet.

Most colon cleanser kits include probiotics. Your colon contains both good and bad bacteria. Colon cleansing may wash away both good and bad bacteria. Probiotic supplements are claimed to sometimes help to replenish the stock of good bacteria.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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