Towards a Well-Rounded Lifestyle: Defining Chinese Medicine

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If you were ever asked about what Chinese medicine was, you could think of a variety of definitions, ideas and concepts that are used in the practice. Chinese medicine is not limited to a specific set of rules or processes that are used in healing and helping one with their ailments. However, there are specific concepts that are used with the practice of Chinese medicine that can be applied in any area.

Since the beginning of Chinese medicine, there has been an expansion into a variety of methods and ideologies that help to enhance one’s well being. Overall, Chinese medicine is an approach to a holistic lifestyle. This means that with the practice of Chinese medicine is also the unification of the physical with the mental and spiritual. When one has unified all three of these aspects, they are healthy.

Not only does Chinese medicine approach health through holistic methods, it also uses ideas of natural law in order to enhance the experience of this type of medicine. All of the laws that are in the universe are inversely related to one’s body. In this practice, they are considered to be a reflection of each other. Whether you are looking into acupuncture or Qigong as a practice, you can expect that natural laws will be at the basis of understanding how your body works.

After there is an understanding of natural laws as well as the holistic lifestyle, Chinese medicine will move into approaches towards energy. This is one of the major universal laws that are applied at all levels of Chinese medicine. Through any practice of Chinese medicine, it is also said that there are specific energies that are linked. The idea behind Chinese medicine is to find a way to unite the energies and to keep them flowing in a way that is complete and natural.

The idea of Chinese medicine is to create a lifestyle that is balanced and flows with the proper type of energy. No matter what area or aspect of Chinese medicine you are looking into, you can expect to see the practice with these foundational ideals. The goal of this is to allow one to move into a lifestyle that enhances all areas of living.

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