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Some of the more recognized therapies and detox treatments in and from this field are

Contrast Shower
Here is one description of what a detox-process, from the outside in can do for your body and wellbeing. Contrast showers are showers that alternate between hot and cold water. This is believed to boost both your immunity and circulatory systems, recovering and restoring the body to its balanced and optimal state, reducing muscles strain and soreness, less lactic acid in muscles and refreshing the skin, the biggest organ of the body, carrying away the toxins excreted while sweating
and perspiring.

Alternating the cycles of heat/cold is highly effective and the varying of temperature critical for its impact and results. A couple of minutes of hot water, followed by an intense blast of around 1 minutes of cold water, then more hot water for around two minutes and again the wake-up blast of cold. This is often also referred to as water-therapy. Exfoliating (getting rid of dead skin cells, stimulating of the circulatory system can also be combined for this mainly external type of cleansing. However, there is more to detoxifying your body that dealing with the outer skin, organs and cleaning routine enhancements.

Master Cleanse
Many times detox is used as part of a recovery strategy to get back to optimal health. Our second example the ‘master cleanse’ is not new. It dates back to the early 1940’s. Quite simply drinking a liquid-mixture of fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and grade B maple syrup is suggested to help the body and systems get rid of any toxin build up in tissue, blood, organs, flushing it through the system, getting rid of waste and harmful elements left behind so to speak, after nutritional elements have been absorbed and the body got all it needed from food and fuel sources. It also holds claims to getting rid of residue and unwanted, poisonous elements, too much of a good substance (that is never good to have in the body as it throws things out of balance and can easily cause illnesses and disease, discomfort or long-term problems, damage or even breakdown or failure).

While this is often called the liquid or lemonade diet, there is no solid foods eaten for the couple of hours or days that you opt to rid your body of all that is ‘bad’. Most take up to ten days on this type of process, with limited intake to get rid of toxins and give the body time to get back to its baseline, optimal, balanced state, with no toxins or harmful chemicals, deposits, residue, build up and more.

Advocates of these types of processes lay claim to the fact that it has helped them in many ways. For example:

 Losing, controlling and maintaining weight
 increased vitality
 feeling energetic
 curing chronic diseases
 could be restrictive, unhealthy or dangerous if not done and approached with care, under supervision, informed, empowered and realistically focused.

There are numerous claims to fame and success by celebrities and many swear by its
results. It is, however, primarily NOT recommended for weight loss at all. The real
purpose and reward lies in being healthier all-round, not shedding pounds.

Oil pulling
A third type of detox process is the so-called ‘oil pulling’ or ‘oil swishing’ . Basically, the process consists of rinsing, gargling and swishing around ONE tablespoon of cooking oil (olive oil, canola oil) and then spitting it out. This is a daily routine and rids your mouth of bacteria and harmful elements. If you take to heart how much harmful components, bacteria, viruses and more live and thrive in the human mouth, (yes, YOURS TOO), three to twenty minutes of this detoxifying discipline does not seem like too much to ask!

Here is a list of ailments and problems that might be alleviated, treated effectively with these types of detox processes and actions:
 blood health and circulation
 bronchitis
 diseases of nerves, paralysis, and encephalitis
 eczema
 fights adhesion to surfaces like teeth, gums, tongue, throat
 head-aches
 heals cuts
 heart
 Insomnia
 intestines
 kidney, liver, lungs
 less formation of dental plaque
 malignant tumor growth stifled
 reducing bacterial growth
 thrombosis
 tooth ache
 ulcers and diseases of stomach
 women’s diseases
…and many more.

The Waismann Method
The Waismann Method, rapid detox processes and medical procedures, acceleration for opiate addiction weaning is a hospital, medically-supervised treatment, where medications are used to rid the body in a safe environment of these ‘pollutants’, toxic build up and drugs in the system. It will involve a physical exam and hospital admittance up to 24-48 hours prior to the treatment. The body is stabilized and brought to the ready for this ‘shock’ treatment of sorts that expedites the withdrawal, without suffering for the patient or even memories of what they have been through. There are
risks involved in this process and every case and individual is and will experience it differently. A light anesthetic in an Intensive Care Unit is administered and medications pumped through the system of the patient to get rid of opiates. It deals with the dependence issue in an effective and safe way and environment, in a shorter period of traditional detox processes. These conventional detoxification procedures are not pretty once the withdrawal kicks in and can be dangerous, even deadly if not done or overseen properly.

Most advocate that this Wiasmann detox is more effective, dignified, safe and a humane alternative therapy to break the evil cycle of addiction.

Chelation therapy
The final introductory detoxification process, we can mention here to spark interest is, the so-called chelation therapy. This is a specialist DETOX focusing in on the elimination of toxins, harmful chemicals and heavy metals from the body. If you think of lead, arsenic or mercury, you are on the right track. Procedures, measures and components used in and through these processes of cleaning, clearing and cleansing are
 zinc salt
 The calcium salt of diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA)
 D-penicillamine
 Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA)
 Dimercapto-propane sulfonate (DMPS)
 Dimercaprol (BAL)
 Deferoxamine
 Defarasirox
 Calcium disodium versante (CaNa2-EDTA)
 Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)
.. and others.

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

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