Wednesday, October 11, 2017

TIPS and recommendations for choosing, using and tapping into natural or herbal supplements for DETOX and healthy living

 Be SMART about which ones you take

 Be sure to check the expiration dates to ensure potency and results

 Do not overdose or take more than the recommended amount

 DO NOT USE EXPIRED products.

 Ensure you know the source, manufacturer, contents, label

 High doses of certain elements can have negative effects on the body

 Interference and interactions with other things that you might be taking

 List the active ingredients and all other fillers, additions or other ingredients nutrients and dosage

 Look at the details on the label regarding its strength, purity, disintegration and dissolution.

 Marketing ploys, promises and packaging is not what you end up putting in your body – treat with skepticism, care and caution.

 Serving, size and storage

 Store and keep out of reach of children, non-humid and high-up is best.

 Supplements may not be suitable for all individuals, those suffering from certain illnesses.

 They are BEST taken in addition to diet and nutrients, NOT MERELY AS substitutes.

 They are not good replacements for real food.

 You need to know what and why you are taking supplements

In the environments we live and function in, there are many contaminants present that we need to cope and deal with effectively to avoid their build up interfering with our health, well-being, longevity and balance. WE need to rid our systems and bodies of it and this is often called detoxification as we have seen. Anyone and everyone can do it, if you proceed with caution. Polluted air, additives in our foods, pesticides on our fruits and veggies, genetically altered food and more need to be clean, cleared and cleansed from our systems, tissue and being !

You do not have to believe that your intestines, colon, and blood stream are at risk or somehow plugged up with toxins, but there seems to be evidence that there is MORE of it in our systems than before. Fasting, laxatives and flushes are quite common BUT they are not necessarily good for you and could put you at risk if you do not understand the processes, goals and functioning of this "cleaning out of the system."

People follow the routes and rewards of detox for different reasons:
Weight loss…

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

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