Pathology and your Energy

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You walk home from work and feel tired. After an eight hour day, your energy can’t let you do anything anymore. However, you also know that there are demands to be met as soon as you walk in the door. If you want to make sure that you can keep up with the activity, you might want to learn how to check your Qi, or energy. If there is a part of your body that is blocked, it can prevent you from getting what you want to done, or having the energy to be alert when you need to be. Starting by finding the flow of your energy, and looking at your pathology, may be able to

Pathological imbalances, in Chinese medicine, are known to be a result of your energy being disturbed. This means that your energy is moving too quickly or too slow in your body and in your organs. This is the foundation of Chinese medicine. Changing the flow of your Qi is what will help you to get back to the energy that you want to.

Pathology and Chinese medicine is divided into three major categories. These categories are ones that stop your Qi from flowing properly. Internal pathogens, the first category, are when your internal organs dysfunction. The second, external pathogens are when outside sources affect your body. The third type of pathology is categorized into trauma, where the damage comes from external or internal disturbances.

Within each of these different changes in flow by disturbance are specific target areas that can be focused on in order to move the body back to normal flow. For example, if you have suffered a trauma, your Qi will most likely change and become stagnated. This can cause pain in various places of your body. Your Qi, instead of moving upwards will move down. It will take a change in the flow of energy in order to change the trauma and pain.

By beginning to understand the relation of pathogens to energy in the body, you can begin to find alternatives to healing. The philosophy basis of Chinese medicine is directly linked to the idea of Qi and how one is able to stay healthy and with energy. If you want to focus your energy on meeting all of your activities, then following the alternatives with Chinese medicine can begin to change your flow in a different direction.

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