Preparing For a Colon Cleanse

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Going for a colon cleanse the first time could prove overwhelming and disturbing. It’s possible that you might feel embarrassed and even wary about how to get a colon cleanse done efficiently.
However, a colon cleanse which is undertaken after consultation with your local doctor might help you.

A Few days Before Your Colon Cleanse
Restrict your intake of sugar, fats, alcohol, proteins, and soda. These might make you more uncomfortable. You might be advised to have more light meals like salads and soups. The soups should be low in salt and high in appropriate vegetables.

You might choose to eat more raw or cooked vegetables that contain useful forms of fiber and may aid colon cleansing. Drink sufficient water and, perhaps, some fresh fruit juice. You might be advised to reduce your intake of grains like wheat and dairy products.

Focus more on getting sufficient suitable exercise. Good exercise may help to improve the flow of blood through your colon, helping the colon cleansing process.

Develop and maintain a positive attitude and a calm frame of mind before starting with your colon cleanse. Strong emotions may upset your digestive system and affect the normal functioning of your colon. Get your doctor’s advice on which medicines, especially over-the-counter ones, that may negatively affect your colon cleansing results.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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