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Different Natural Remedies for a Colon Cleanse

Various herbs like Indian gooseberry, hoodia, garcinia, eclipta, Terminalia and chebula are claimed by some people to sometimes help to clean your intestines. Various products may include a single herb or a concoction of various herbs together.

Herbs like Terminalia chebula or triphala are claimed to be useful for some people to help with colon cleansing. Fibrous foods may act, in part, as natural colon cleansers. Fibers contain lot of roughage. They may bind the fats in the intestines and help to expel more of them with your feces.

Fiber-rich foods may induce peristaltic movements within the intestine. This can help to ease expulsion of some waste materials with less strain. Fibrous foods need sufficient water available within your system to bind with the waste.

Drinking some water may sometimes help you overcome less severe constipation problems. Water helps in easy flushing of toxins from your body. Drinking lukewarm water is claimed by some people to have more effect than drinking chilled or cold water.

Simple and commonly available herbs like ginger, garlic, black pepper, cumin seeds, and cinnamon are claimed by some people to sometimes help clear your intestines and even reduce the level of parasites in your system. Some people can combine these herbs with fresh fruit juice or dark green leafy vegetables. They say that this may help produce clean and thorough  bowel movements.
Colon disorders may sometimes be due in some part to problems of indigestion.

Herbs like coriander leaves, cinnamon, asafetida, cumin seeds, garlic, and ginger are claimed by some people to contain natural enzymes which may help in the proper digestion of food and cleansing of the colon naturally. Some people suggest that colon problems which may be due to parasite or worm infestations may sometimes be helped by using preparations which contain herbs like Butea superba, Embilica ribes, and Piper longum. These herbs are available as a single herb or in a pill form containing many herbs in a specific formula or blend.

Some people consume them with a glass of lukewarm water. I don’t know of any reliable, independently reviewed tests which tend to confirm any of these claims, so always consult your doctor for access to the latest research and recommendations.

Some people claim that substances like natural citric acid, ozonated magnesium oxides, organic germanium, and probiotics may help with colon cleansing. Other herbs like aloe leaf, barberry root, rhubarb root, buckthorn bark, aloe leaf, mint, Yebra mate, black radish root and Echinacea have also been promoted at some time as possible aids to good bowel cleansing herbs. But, I could not find any independently verified test results.

Psyllium husk or seeds, cascara sagrada or flax seeds, slippery elm, and liver stimulative herbs have also been suggested by some to help with a colon cleanse. Of these, the most commonly used herb is psyllium. This is a natural fiber which absorbs lots of water. It is also water-soluble. This fiber increases in volume absorbing water and causes the colon to expand which may help in the easy removal of toxins and mucous from the colon. Psyllium is claimed to encourage growth of healthy intestinal bacteria which might help in regulating bowel movements.

You may be advised to consume some water with your psyllium dosage. It might take up to two weeks for results. Bentonite clay is edible clay and acts as a laxative. This clay absorbs water and is said to help form a gel-like substance which is claimed to bind some of the toxic substances in the colon and helps to push them out smoothly and easily.

Wheat bran, apple pectin, and oat bran are dietary fibers. Wheat bran is insoluble while the other two are soluble. These fibrous foods are claimed to sometimes help some people clean their colon and may also assist in the lowering of blood cholesterol levels.

It may be worthwhile for some people to include a few probiotics in their diet to help replenish the stock of friendly bacteria lost during a colon cleanse or while they have been on a low quality diet.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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