Essential Precautions BEFORE Using Natural Colon Cleansers

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Herbal supplements are fairly popular as a natural colon cleanse. But, you should always check any preparation before you buy or start using them.

Educate yourself on the available herbal supplements before purchasing them. Always consult your doctor before you start on a herbal colon cleanse.

Next, you should check on the list of ingredients. The F.D.A. does not have the authority to approve herbal supplements and therefore consumer protection is less.

Some herbal supplements have a ‘USP Dietary Supplement Verified’ seal. This sort of seal asserts that the supplement may be free of environmental contaminants like lead, mercury, or drugs. But, you cannot blindly assume all herbal products to be safe for use.

You should not buy herbal supplements or any medicinal product from outside your country. There have been instances of toxic substances and incorrect ingredients and levels of active ingredients in some of them. Mistakes like this can cause injury or even death. Some herbal supplements can cause some side effects if taken with other medicines. You should check with your doctor for possible reactions and never buy or use anything until you are completely satisfied.

Herbal supplements can affect the success of surgery. Some might reduce the effectiveness of anesthetics and could cause disturbances with your blood pressure and even cause serious bleeding. Herbal supplements should not be used for children below the age of eighteen or elderly people over the age of sixty-five except under careful medical supervision.

Normally, if you are on heart medications, blood thinners, diabetes medications, liver medications, blood pressure medications, or Monoamine  Oxidase inhibitors, you should not start on any herbal supplements.

Herbs like Ginseng, Dong quai, Black cohosh, Ginger, Ephedra, Ginkgo, Feverfew, Garlic, Kava, Milk thistle, St. John's Wort, Scotch broom and Goldenseal may have serious effects on people, whether or not they are taking any medicines or have known medical conditions. They also may conflict with the prescription medications and drugs.

Source of Information : Your Guide to Colon Cleansing by By Peter Mason

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