Friday, October 13, 2017

Here are some more healthy DETOX tips to ensure results and success:

 maintain proper nutrition

 follow a balanced dietary program

 eat MORE whole foods from all food groups

 Consider all the elements of a healthy diet and stick to them

 Understand and support, following the basics of healthy and nutritional eating

 get all of your vitamins from food and supplements to address your needs

 Ensure balance, variety and moderation in your diet, exercise and lifestyle

 Variety in your diet is important in all stages of detox. Pick from natural bread and other whole-grain products; such as fruits; vegetables; dairy products; and meat, poultry, fish and other protein foods. Fiber-intake and hydration is still extremely important.

 Weight maintenance, control, and even loss if required also needs attention.

 More, smaller, healthier meals, more often, smaller portions, taken regularly to keep your blood sugar stable and your metabolism ticking!

 Do not skip meals, get hungry, thirsty or suppress/deny your appetite.

 Cut salt, sugar, starch, and refined foods from your diet.

 Also, fats and fried foods have to go and be cut from your palette, menu and plate!

 Low-fat products and lean proteins are good. Enable yourself, setting up for success in all your dieting, nutritional, lifestyle changes and even detox. Know what to expect and prepare for it.

 Make better choices for your vitality, balance, well-being and even longevity.

 Engage in activities and habits that promote good health and reduce risk for major chronic diseases.
- Weight maintenance
- Exercise
- ZERO trans-fats, less saturated fats
- Less salt, sugar, refined flours and processed foods
- opt regularly for lean, low-fat, or fat-free.
- Drink three glasses of low-fat milk and hydrate with lots of water

While you are following a detox, many dietary type advice is also given to optimize your results. You can pay close attention to what you eat and put into your mouth, also and especially AFTER DETOX:

· Whole Grain Foods
o Energy
o Oatmeal
o whole-wheat bread, brown rice, multi-grain pasta
o Easier to digest
o Manage hunger, keep blood sugar in check

· Plant, vegetable and healthier fats/oils.
o olive, canola, soy, corn, sunflower, peanut, and other vegetable oils fatty fish, salmon
o healthy fats
o good for your heart and fights build up and clogs in your arterial walls, plaque and calcification of the heart/arteries

Vegetables and Fruits.
o Protective qualities and contributions against heart attack or stroke, cancer;
o lowers blood pressure; fights intestinal problems
o natural sources of sugar and fiber

· Fish, Poultry, and Eggs.
o Protein sources, fish
o Heart-healthy
o Protect you against disease
o Lean meats are better like chicken and turkey
o Preferred meats are low in saturated fat
o Eggs make for a great breakfast – still the most nutritious and important meal of the day

· Nuts and Legumes.
o protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals
o choose from black beans, navy beans, garbanzos, and other beans
o nuts
o source of healthy fats and oils

· Dairy or Calcium Supplement.
o Building and keeping strong bones are a top priority
o vitamin D and exercise
o calcium source
o cheese in moderation (as it is higher on the fats scale)

· Red Meat and real Butter
o Too much fats and meats are not healthy
o Source of cholesterol
o Vegetable oils are better

· Refined foods, flours, starches and candy/sugars
o AVOID White Rice, Bread, Potatoes, Pasta, and Sweets
o Surges in blood sugar
o Weight, diabetes and heart disease

· Multiple Vitamin
o Daily supplement, full-spectrum, slow release
o Fill nutritional shortfalls and holes in your diet and intake that you are not getting naturally or from the foods you eat, not eating enough, diet or detox etc.

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

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