Saturday, October 14, 2017

There are many things we take in from our environment that can be harmful , not so good, even toxic to us. We try our BEST to avoid them at all times

· Very few of us are aware or conscious of some of the things that surround us, we use, wear, are in our home and in the places we frequent, that can put us at risk
– this includes the foods we eat, the supplements we take, what we drink etc.

· There are different methods, levels and intensity, durations and processes for/of detoxifying

· Supplements, the right foods, exercise can all help you optimize DETOX There are many diet and nutritional plans that may actually help you with your detox, before or after. They help you stick to whatever your action plan is and make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to optimize and maximize the benefits that you get from detoxification (DETOX).

Mediterranean diet
 ENJOY all and everything in moderation, including butter and pasta
 base principle is keep it simple using basic ingredients, like tomatoes and olive oil
 easy to plan menus and prepare the dishes – fitting even the busiest of lifestyles
 eating more of some foods, less of others
 low carb
 low-fat
 moderate consumption of alcohol and even cooking with wine is allowed and encouraged for optimal health and longevity
 recipes and culinary delights abound
 reduces high cholesterol levels effectively
 some call it the heart-healthy diet

The South Beach Diet
 Gaining fast in popularity combined with detox plans or following right after
 It also includes lots of daily servings of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, nuts and healthy oils
 It builds a lifestyle that you can sustain and keep healthy throughout your life
 It is about making better choices about food
 It is different from the Atkins diet
 Not really low-carb or low-fat
 Rapid weight loss in the first two weeks is quite commonplace
 Starving yourself will actually have you gaining weight
 When losing weight and staying heart healthy matters, this is the plan for you
 You are not necessarily depriving yourself of foods you love, just eating differently and less, reintroducing the right foods back into your diet as you go along and getting rid of the bad habits along the way!

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

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