Friday, October 20, 2017

There are many faces and iterations, forms and processed to DETOXIFICATION

Some, any or all of the following might be at play and considered, at work and even
interacting, complementing and supporting the overall process, outcome, success and
results, level of efficiency :

 improving the body’s overall abilities to handle toxic substances and harmful elements

 applying to BOTH elements from within and without metabolic and/or environmental,

 strengthen immune and other internal organs and system

 protecting the body and health

 Avoiding toxins

 Mastering on-going and improved detoxification processes

 improving and/or protecting healing, health and well-being

 Totally avoiding all harmful or potential allergens or toxins might not be realistic or even possible, healthy or feasible and should NOT become and obsession of sorts

 Healthy eating, balanced living and good nutrition, supplementing, activity and exercise are all part of this recipe and equation for success As we continue to learn about refining and improving efficient detoxification mechanisms, we make it a priority to holistically and deliberately work on our health and well-being, NOT JUST FOCUS ON TOXINS AND GETTING RID OF THEM.

 Individualized supplementation, diet and choice also matter

 Optimal and peak performance will have different meanings for different people and NO TWO DETOX processes and procedures will be the same for any individual!

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

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