Saturday, October 21, 2017


Although there are many a great benefit to be had from these processes and procedures of ridding your body of harmful toxins, caution is the name of the game all-round! Those that should rather consult with a physician or treatment professional PRIOR to starting a DETOX, include:

 chronically ill
 compromised immune system or blood disease
 Infants, young children
 kidney or liver issue patients
 pregnant and/or nursing women
 the elderly
 those addicted to drugs or alcohol
 those suffering from a serious disease
 those who has been exposed to dangerous chemicals, heavy metals or radioactive material

Do not be blind to the risks, see the potential, promise and seize the opportunity to DETOX! Ready yourself and plan, stacking the odds in your favor to succeed and stick to your plan, reach your goal.

Manage your DETOX symptoms and manifestations as your body reaches its optimal balanced state yet again, getting rid or and expelling the toxins. This could include minor discomforts, like headaches, fatigue, queasiness and discomfort. They will pass or in some cases, yours will not even be that profound or may become severe. If you feel at any point during your detox process that you are uncomfortable or at risk, seek out the help of a medical practitioner to see you through it and/or stop giving your body time to re-adjust and change gear!

Educate and empower yourself as to what you and your family are using and putting into your bodies on a regular, daily basis and over time and choose to live healthy!

Every day use and products we are surrounded with pose dangers we are either unaware of or do not pay enough attention to – this proves you’re your system will be in serious need of periodic, initial and regular detoxification to CLEAN, CLEAR, CLEANSE, flush and rid your system or these harmful elements.

Source of Information : Complete Body Detox Guide to Better Health

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